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Maeve in the News

A curated selection of media features and articles that showcase Maeve's incredible journey.

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"Being Transgender at Goldman Sachs"

How Maeve DuVally, an employee in the bank's buttoned-up communications department, became herself at work.


"Trans ex-Goldman Sachs exec Maeve DuVally feared having secret exposed: memoir"

A longtime Goldman Sachs executive who transitioned to a woman while working at the Wall Street giant revealed that she lived in fear of having her secret exposed in an upcoming tell-all.


"Three Questions with Goldman Sachs' Maeve DuVally"

Goldman Sachs's Maeve DuVally is one of only a handful employees of the financial firm to openly identify as transgender.


"Coming out as transgender at Goldman Sachs: You basically pick a day and you flip a switch"

After 15 years at Goldman, DuVally had started experimenting dressing as a woman after work and she felt “immediately looser and happier.” She decided to take a leap of faith this summer.


"Why I decided to come out as trans after 15 years at Goldman Sachs"

Though I had worked for Goldman Sachs for 15 years, I was about to enter my workplace for the first time. This was my initial day at work as Maeve Chevonne DuVally, a nervous transgender woman who had thought herself a man for the first 56 years of her life.

Maeve on CNBC

"I don't really have a kind of classic story, but that's my story," Goldman Sachs Managing Director Maeve DuVally speaks about her experience coming out as a transgender woman in finance and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

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